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Inspiration finds us in very interesting ways. Sometimes we make commitments we almost wish we hadn’t agreed to and we must find the nerve, time and energy to follow through with them. Having been on a sculpting binge for the last three years, painting seldom found space in my creative world and began fading into the depths of ‘Once Upon a Time’.

Here is a video of the first of three paintings I made for Stretched The Art Show that occurred on February 23 – 25. I had no idea what I was going to paint and wanting to stay warm and dry versus working outside en Plein Air or wanting to work with models that were still and quiet, I naturally gravitated to stuffed toys. Why NOT???? And thus began my new series.

I have since made 15 ‘Stuffed Toys’ paintings with many more to follow. And they aren’t all cute and sweet…

I’ll keep you posted. In the meanwhile enjoy my video!

PS (This piece was not in the Stretched Art Show as it sold before it ever made it there, and I am so grateful to have sold the other two as well!)