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Last October I was approached to appear in a segment of Changing Landscapes – episode 5, a TV show that is airing this week on Shaw Cable.  I was honored to have Dominik Modinski come to my studio and interview me for the Gabriola Island – Isle of the Arts segment.

Airing this week September 5-11, 2016

Quoting from Scott Wilson’s Blog on how I was chosen, he writes:

“Flipping through the Studio Tour guide booklet he (Dominik Modlinski) immediately gravitated to her work, he mentioned the brush work and light in her paintings and was quite eager to see her work up close and interview her.”


Changing Landscapes airs on Shaw TV Chanel 4

  • Monday at 11am & 8pm
  • Tuesday at 10:30am, 4pm & 9:30pm
  • Wednesday at 11am & 8:30pm
  • Thursday at 10:30am & 9pm
  • Friday at 11am & 8pm
  • Saturday at 9:30pm
  • Sunday at 5:30pm